Operation Scrubs is a 501(c)(3) non-profit tuition-free nurse education provider
+ 2022's Nurse-Honoring Gift to 20+ Million Nurses:
      Innovative Tuition-Free Education,
            Advocation, and Celebrating Nurses: 
   The Unsung Heroes of Healthcare!

 Hello --  
            I'm Pamela Nye, and welcome to my Operation Scrubs® nurse education, nurse advocation and  nurse celebration website.  
            If you're a first-time visitor, or unaware its 2019 inaugural  success, the Media Buzz and In-the-News sections speak well for  what's already become a trend-setting concept for future nurse happenings.
            COVID-19 distractions changed 2020 plans, but did not prevent a historic "Scrubs 2"  NightinGala with a maximum capacity number of appreciative nurses celebrating the end of National Nurses Week aboard our FantaSea One sponsor's megayacht.   
            The 6-hour gala vent was streamed live and worldwide by Webcast and Beyond.
            Showing respect, admiration, appreciation and concern for nurses during this persistent COVID pandemic, Operation Scrubs® has suspended its planned symposium and its online/tuition-free continuing nurse education until June 1, 2022.
            Until then, our focus is National Nurses Week (May 6-12, 2022) and the week-ending celebration presentation of  THE NURSES WALL -- it's  Operation Scrubs' 
and a global public's unique and infinite virtual gift to the world's 
20+ million unsung hero nurses.  
            Feel free to looked at this website  to see  what's happened since 2019, but  for the best news yet, visit  THE NURSES WALL to   help make nurse -honoring history!

                                                                  For the nurses,